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Preservation Projects at Whites Point
NIKE Site 43L and Battery Bunker Listed on the California Register

On August 11, 2000 Fort MacArthur Museum Association members Frank Evans and Sam Stokes successfully argued the merits of listing both Battery Bunker and the NIKE LA43L site on the California register of Historic Places During the meeting of the California State Historic Resources Commission in San Luis Obispo. Both sites at White's Point is now officially a listed historic resource. But we aren't out of the woods yet.
The Department of Recreation and Parks STILL wants to demolish the Nike site. This, despite the great effort of the recently formed Los Angeles Air Defense Museum Association to work with the department to find a solution that would satisfy all the parties concerned with the site. Battery Bunker is far too costly to remove, as are the underground NIKE magazines, or those would also be on their list to destroy.

Missile Assembly Building Ca 1956

Missile Assembly Building Ca 2003


Missile Assembly Building Ca 1998


Additional Projects

     Fort MacArthur K9 Cemetery

     Hey Rookie (Gaffey Street) Pool
     Upper Reservation Barracks Structures
Incredible Shrinking National Register Site
     Whites Point Preservation
     Fire Control Stations Preservation
     Bolsa Chica Beach Panama Mounts

Ever wonder what it's like
to work on historic preservation
projects in Los Angeles?

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