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60" General Electric Searchlight Project
Progress is steady on the restoration of our latest searchlight project

The 1942 60" GE Searchlight and Sperry generator have arrived safely from Texas. Overall, both units are in good shape but need to be restored to working order. Neither the light or the power unit have seen use in some time. The good news is that many of the hard to find parts are already with the units. 
Were raising the money to fund the purchase of the remaining parts and the cost of painting the light will be high. The first step is to remove the hideous pink colored pint that was added when the light was used by an advertising business. This process has to be done 'the old fashioned way", with a sharp chisel because of the thin metal work and the desire to keep some of the original olive-drab paint as both a primer and added layer of protection for some of the metal pieces.
The association wishes to thank Bob Meza of Victory Searchlights for his help finding the light and some of the hard to find parts. We also thank the veterans and families of the 352nd CA Searchlight Battalion who's generosity helped make this acquisition possible. Once restored, these will compliment the museums fully restored 1941 Sperry Searchlight and GE Generator.
The Searchlights are an critical part of our educational program, and bring the museum much positive publicity. As with any project of this size and complexity, the museum seriously needs restoration and maintenance funding. We encourage anyone interested in searchlights to donate to the efforts of our restoration team.
Here are some pictures of the progress to date, keep checking back to see how the project is progressing.

The 1942 GE Searchlight at the time of delivery

Stripped of the pink, the light shows its true colors..

The light and generator were painted pink by its
previous owner, getting the paint old stripped  is
a major undertaking.

Association volunteer Pete Demett hard at work stripping off the old pink paint. The mirror has been polished and the inside of the drum is painted.

Museum Director Steve Nelson working to prepare
the generator for paint.

The restored burner assembly inside the light


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