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Welcome to Old Fort MacArthur Days

Welcome to the public information page for the Old Fort MacArthur Days event at the Fort MacArthur Museum (OFMD) This event is a major fundraiser for the museum and we greatly appreciate everyone who participates in making this event a success.

OFMD began back in 1987 when the museum sponsored a one day event to demonstrate the use of antique canons and rifles. Over the years, the event has morphed into a weekend village of professional educators representing a timeline of world military history.

What you will see:
From the days of the Roman Legions, the Renaissance, the Civil War, World War II, the Vietnam War and beyond, more than 600 participants setup camps and demonstrate what life was like during their represented time period. Throughout the day there will be various battle and equipment demonstrations from various groups competing for awards (given at the end of the day on Sunday) and looking to entertain visitors.

Free parking is available in parking areas surrounding the museum, and it's a fairly short walk from most lots. Uniformed guides will direct you to available spaces, and we encourage people to carpool whenever possible.

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Questions about the event?

If you have questions or concerns
about the event, you are encouraged
to call the museum office at


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