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The Gunny and some of our volunteers from the Civil Air Patrol

Pictures from the 4th Annual Great LA Air Raid Event
Here's the first batch of pictures to come from some of our friends at the event.

Well folks there you have it, another great fundraiser for the Fort MacArthur Museum. We wish to event a special thanks out to everyone who attended the 64th anniversary of one of the greatest mysteries in the history of the Los Angeles area.

The museum especially wishes to thank the dozens of volunteers, who contributed their time, hard work and money to making this such a successful event. We especially thank: Maxwell DeMille for another legendary performance as our Master of Ceremonies, Mora's Modern Swingtet for their great music, Goodyear Airship Operations for their aerial support of the event, The American Society of Military History for their support with exhibits, and the five different searchlight operators that came from all over to help us light up the night.

All this fun had to be briefly interrupted by a little work though... Hats off to our good friend Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey and his ever vigilant squad of reporters and cameramen from "Mail Call" for turning out in force to cover the Air Raid, look of the Great LA Air Raid to air on The History Channel's "Mail Call" show later this year. Until then... See you all at our next event, The Seaside Ball coming up in June.

Our Sperry Searchlight just waiting for nightfall.
The event  featured 5 working carbon-arc searchlights running together for the first time in over 60 years. 

Three out of five searchlights scanning the night
looking for a mysterious visitor looming in the
shadows above the fort.

Museum Director Stephen Nelson makes
some final adjustments to the
Distant Electrical Controller for Bob Meza's
General Electric searchlight.

The Gunny takes a break from the
filming to enjoy some of the festivities 

Cisco Lacy knows how to spend his mid-tour leave...
He is serving with the California National Guard in Iraq.

Thanks to Craig Michelson and The American Society
of Military History Museum in Rosemead for loaning
us their 40mm Bofors Gun for the night

Museum Volunteer George Green and his entire family turned out to support the event

The Gunny and our friend Mike Murray who
 flew out from Fort Hancock, New Jersey

Steve and Gunny talk on camera about the searchlights

Here we see "Gunny" getting some intel about  the DEC

The Gunny takes aim on his target

Thanks to the folks at Goodyear Airship Operations

Some pictures of the crowd on the dance floor


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