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Welcome to Old Fort MacArthur Days Registration Page

First, Only Groups Invited To The Event Will Be Allowed To Register Their Groups. NO Individual Registration ALLOWED! Do Not Disqualify Your Group By NOT Following The Correct Process. NOTE: PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FEE WILL BE FIFTEEN DOLLARS ($15) PER PERSON! Wristbands Will Be Issued As We Have Been Using The Last Couple of Years.

Second, If there are any questions about the registration process, contact Dave Oneslager before you try to register. Group must email Dave Oneslager a proper mailing / contact address at berdansharps@gmail.com

Third, after a group finishes its Online registration and supplys me with a proper mailing or contact address, the wristbands for the number of group participants will be given out to the proper group's leader or event representative. Only WristBands Participants With Will Be Allowed Into OFMD Through The Participate's Gate!

Fourth, the WristBands MUST be worn at all times during the event - morning, noon, or night - starting on Friday night. Only participants with wristbands are allowed on the museum's grounds during non-event hours. Any violation to this rule will bar the group from further participation in the OFMD event. 100% GROUP PARTICIPATION USING THE EVENT ONLINE REGISTRATION IS A MUST! Properly completing the online registration process will count towards the event's Awards. Bookmark this site for further updates and information.

By clicking the "Add to Cart" button below, you are electronically signing the Liability Release Form for all members of your group stating that everyone understands and will abide the content of that form. The electronic signature also verifies that all participants will abide by the Rules of the Event.

Please do not purchase tickets for the event until all participants have read and agreed.

To download the Liability Release Form please follow this link Liability Release Form

To download the Rules of the Event please follow this link Rules of the Event


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