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Status Update for the M2 Height Finder Project

Time to bring everyone up to date on the project of restoring our four 13 1/2' long M2 Height Finders. These are similar to those used at Fort MacArthur during World War II with the 90mm AMTB batteries and with some AA units and when finished they will likely be the only working examples of their type in this country. The work of restoring these incredible optical telescopes, is being overseen by Osborn Optics. 

Earl Osborn Sr. has more than 30 years experience repairing optical equipment for the US Navy, his son Earl Jr. is working right beside his father keeping alive a tradition of fine craftsmanship that is all but gone today. After two years and hundreds of man hours, we are seeing of the first results of  their hard work. watch for new photos of the ongoing restoration, posted here in the near future.  

M2 Height Finder prior to restoration

M2 on exhibit during OFMD 2003

The moving teem July 11, 2004 during the OFMD Show. The first of the restored M2's are brought outside for an alignment test. It takes 10 men To move this massive piece of very delicate equipment, and 5 more to carry the stand. 


More photos will be posted soon, please check back

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