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Images of America - Fort MacArthur
The New book about Fort MacArthur by Stephen R Nelson and Lt Col Dave Appel
Published by Arcadia Publishing - National Distribution  ISBN: 0738530859 $19.99 Retail Price
The Fort MacArthur Museum Association is celebrating the release of the new book by Arcadia Publishing about Fort MacArthur. The book contains rare and previously un-published pictures from the museum archives combined with stories spanning the history of the fort. Thanks to Arcadia Publishing, the new book is being distributed to retailers nationwide.


Purchase a copy today from the Museum Store
for just $19.99

Book Description: Fort MacArthur, in San Pedro, became the Armyís major regional induction center after Pearl Harbor, processing over three-quarters of a million soldiers into World War II. Named for Lt. Gen. Arthur MacArthur, a Civil War hero, military visionary, and father of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, ďFort MacĒ began as a remote military reservation in 1888, was a full-fledged Coast Defense fort by 1923, a blur of GI activity as a portal to all theaters during World War II, a reserve base in 1946, a Nike missile installation in 1954, and again a military reserve base in 1976 following the Vietnam War.

The base also played an important role in transforming San Pedro into the Port of Los Angeles, in implementing changes in military technology, in racial integration of the Army in the late 1930s, and in labor history as its soldiers became strikebreakers in the tense early days of the Second World War. The fortís museum, comprising 20 acres above the harbor, is a lasting reminder of the 20th centuryís vital West Coast national defense facilities.

Author Bio: Co-authors Stephen R. Nelson, the museumís director/curator, and Lt. Col. David K. Appel, a member of the museumís board of directors, collaborated to gather and assemble more than 200 vintage photographs from the museumís archive into this fascinating and evocative tour.

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