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  The Fort MacArthur Museum regretfully has to announce that the 2023 Great Los Angles Air Raid Of 1942 must be canceled. This is beyond the control of the Museum, Museum Association, Staff and Volunteers who tried every possibility to bring you an Air Raid like no other in the past.

  During some pre show cleanup of the property, a Great Horned Owl's nest was discovered in one of the trees by the Forestry Division of the Department of Recreation & Parks. Forestry Division was required to notify the City's Environmentalist who came out and identified the nest belonging to one of the Great Horned Owls who live on the museum grounds.

  The Museum was notified that a 300-foot area around the tree could not be used as part of the show because of the owl's nest. For those who may not know, Great Horned Owls are protected in the state of California. Due to this restriction, most of the Museum grounds could not be used like in years past, and there were also noise restrictions put in place that would highly impact the show.

  Everyone who made a pre-sale ticket purchase will receive a full refund. Please be patient with us while we do so. Again, this is the last thing any of us want to do, especially with just a week and a half away from the show. We weighed options of moving the event elsewhere on the property, but came to the conclusion that we could not provide you all a proper Air Raid experience.

  We are currently redirecting our efforts on a summer show featuring a 1945 "end of the war" themed dance. Please stay tuned for more information on that event

The Fort MacArthur Museum is Located in Angels Gate Park.

3601 S Gaffey Street,
San Pedro CA 90731
Phone 310-548-2631

From Los Angeles, take the 110 Freeway South to the Gaffey Street exit. Turn left onto Gaffey and continue through the city. When you reach the 25th street signal, stay to your left and continue towards the ocean. As you round the second hill, look for the 36th Street (Leavenworth Drive) entrance. Follow the access road to the museum's main gate. To Maintain traffic flow, we ask that you do not park along the fence of Leavenworth Drive, there's plenty of room in the parking lot.

*This program is subject to change without notice, due to conditions beyond the control of the Fort MacArthur Museum.*


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